Save the Planets! 3-2-1 Penguins! 3 Episode DVD


Your favorite flightless space birds with 3 episodes from this #1 rated NBC show including lessons in Contentment, Sharing and Moderation.

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The Green-Eyed Monster –  Green-eyed monsters appear and start eating everything in sight when jealousy arises between two groups of… sheep! Can the Penguins restore peace before the planet completely disappears in a monster lunch-munch?

More is More – The citizens of Gutt are addicted to sugar frosted cereal, and their insatiable appetites are threatening to throw the planet off course! Can these over-indulgers learn that moderation is the key to restoring a healthy orbit?

Give and Let Give – A planet populated by a feisty bunch of garden gnomes and pink flamingos argue over water rights during a drought. Will these feuding lawn ornaments learn to share so everyone has enough to drink?  Running Time: Approx. 66 min.

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